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I want to invite you to become a patron of my investigative work. I am not a wealthy person.  I don't care much for worldly things.  What I do care about is pursuing the truth and bringing criminals to justice - especially criminals who prey upon the weak and defenseless.

Your donation funds my work.  It not only helps me to provide for my family, but it also provides me with the funds I need to pay for travel expenses, criminal background checks, burner phone minutes to talk to sources and whistle-blowers and myriad other expenses associated with investigative work.

There are 4 ways you can donate.  If you can make a monthly contribution, click the PATREON link below.  If you wish to make a one time donation with a credit or debit card, click on the PAYPAL link.  I also gladly accept BITCOIN donations (wallet address below).  And if you would prefer to send cash, check or money order, you can do so here:

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