Morphonios defeats quest

Notorious Cyberstalker Meets His Match

June 2019

For over a decade, an online cyberstalker going by the name "Montagraph" harassed, bullied & threatened untold numbers of victims. The internet is rife with complaints from his victims who suffered from serial abuse that they felt they could do nothing about.  Montagraph used other names, including "Umbrella Man", "Elite Rule", "OctoberReignz", "ImYourGhost" and often partnered with another anonymous troll who hides behind the name "Agent 19". 


Some wondered if Montagraph's real name was actually "Steve Quest" or "Dale Ellis Bennett", among others, but they could never be certain.  Montagraph repeatedly denied being either of these men.  This uncertainty made it nearly impossible for victims to sue their abuser.

In April of 2019, Montagraph decided to target Jake Morphonios during a live broadcast of the Blackstone Intelligence Network as he discussed the need to show empathy and civility toward the parents of children who were slain in the Sandy Hook School shooting.  Montagraph was banned by moderators repeatedly as he cycled through multiple user accounts, pretending to be different people. 


In response to the harassment, Morphonios advised his audience to look up the ample evidence of Montagraph's unethical and deviant activities.  This sent Montagraph into a rage.  Over the next 24 hours, he made multiple threats to travel to Morphonios' home to confront him "face to face".  Morphonios advised Montagraph that further threats would result in court action.  


To preempt such action, and hoping to generate some degree of internet fame for himself by attacking a much more popular personality, Montagraph filed a frivolous defamation lawsuit against Morphonios.  (See Steve Quest Original Complaint) Morphonios responded to Quest's complaint with a well articulated motion to dismiss, citing ample case law. (See Jake Morphonios Motion to Dismiss).

In the process, Montagraph was forced to confirm under penalty of law that he is, in fact, Steve Quest - a resident of Lakewood, CO who changed his name in Jefferson County, CO in 1996 from "Roy Warren Marshall".  There is much speculation as to the event that necessitated Marshall taking on an entirely new identity. 


By outing himself in court, Quest has given his victims a significant gift.  They now have a real name to attach to their abuser.  They no longer have to live with the fear and frustration of being targeted by an unidentified stalker who they cannot fight back against.

Montagraph (Quest) had been making random threats for over a year that he was going to sue people, including "big name" YouTubers.  His handful of sycophants lapped up his armchair bravado, cheering him on.  This stoked his ego and, after filing his suit, Quest went on to produce around a dozen videos bragging about how he was going to destroy Morphonios in court, "ruin" him "for life", take his "last dollar" and "stomp" on Morphonios "relentlessly".  Quest also began threatening other victims, telling them that he was going to do to them what he was doing to Morphonios.

Quest invited his audience of 50,000 subscribers to come support him at the first court hearing - an act that was clearly intended to try to intimidate Morphonios.  Morphonios, however, is not one who can be intimidated - least of all by a man who dresses in drag and tapes himself French-kissing children's dolls in scat-fetish videos (See Exibits 13-16, Morphonios' Pending Answer) or who schemes how to make money off homemade videos of himself sodomizing defenseless melons on camera (See Exibits 17-20, Morphonios' Pending Answer).

To try to capitalize on the spectacle he was creating, Quest hoped to record the court proceedings for his audience.  Only 1 supporter had shown up, so unless he could record the court case to broadcast, nobody would see him "ruin" Morphonios.  The judge denied his request, warning him that if he is discovered to have recorded the proceedings he would be arrested. 


Quest also petitioned the court to strike Morphonios' motion to dismiss.  This, the court also denied. (See Court Denies Quest Motion to Strike).  The judge advised Quest that he had 14 days to file a response to Morphonios' motion to dismiss. 


After the hearing, Quest quickly left the courtroom in frustration.


That night in his post-hearing livestream, Quest began to backpedal - telling his viewers that it doesn't matter if he wins or not.  He's going to just keep filing one suit after another against people he doesn't like  - seemingly unaware of how seriously his threats of vexatious litigation would undermine the litigation itself, were he foolish enough to try it again.


Quest filed his response to the motion to dismiss (See Quest Response to Morphonios Motion).  After reviewing the response, the judge ruled that Quest's complaint for slander "does not offer facts" that could successfully challenge Morphonios' arguments.  The court granted Morphonios' motion to dismiss the case.  (See Court Dismisses Quest Complaint).


However, in anticipation of the possibility that the court would not grant the motion to dismiss, Morphonios was prepared to prove to the court that his statements about Quest were unequivocally true.  To read about Steve Quest's filthy history that he clearly doesn't want anyone to know about, see Morphonios Pending Answer, along with his 50 exhibits.  The video of Quest terrorizing a crying girl (appears to be a minor) who is bound in a tool shed and forced to wear a "piggy" mask is particularly disturbing (See Exhibits 24-26). 

These documents are made available for review by other victims of harassment and frivolous lawsuits by internet cyberstalker Steve Quest.  The public must stand up to abusive cyberbullies who prey upon the innocent and who use gang stalking and threats of violence to intimidate their victims.

Steve Quest, your reign of terror is over.

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