A Social Credit System is On America’s Horizon

A Social Credit System is On America’s Horizon

By Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

December 3, 2019

I've been reading up on the growth of China's social credit score program and how it is used to control the thoughts, speech and behaviors of the masses. In a nutshell, the social credit score system is similar to a FICO credit score used here in the USA, except the social score in China tracks more than your financial history. It tracks your speech and behavior.

Human monitors and artificial intelligence programs are used to record the things that Chinese citizens say and do, online and offline, and score these activities according to a government point system. Quite literally, thousands of Chinese citizens are employed by the government, to walk around their neighborhoods with black notebooks and write down what they see people doing. Also, government agencies and companies track individual’s activities.

If a Chinese citizen does what the government wants, such helping a neighbor or "donating" money to the communist regime, they get positive points. If they do something that the government doesn't like, such as criticizing the police, they lose points.

If your score drops below a certain level, you are slapped with all kinds of prohibitions. For example, you are no longer allowed to travel by train or plane, but must turn to the public bus system – even if that means that it will take you 15 hours to get across the country by bus to visit an injured relative in the hospital, rather than 3-4 hours by plane. The thinking is that it’s not the government’s fault that you can’t be there for your loved one in their hour of need. It’s your own damned fault. You shouldn’t have clicked LIKE on that anti-government social media post.

A lowered score means that you cannot get a home loan or put your children into certain schools. Even criticism of the social scoring system itself can result in penalties.

Many are quick to criticize China's system, and justifiably so. But what Americans don't seem to realize is just how close behind we are to a similar social credit system role out in our own country. The framework is already in place.

To illustrate, I'll take you through a brief comparison of the Chinese vs American multinational conglomerates that make these social credit systems possible. In China, one of the main companies behind the scoring system is Alibaba. In America, one of the main companies laying the framework for a similar system is Alphabet.

Let's start with China.

The largest retail company in the world is China's Alibaba Group. Alibaba is also the largest e-commerce company in the world. It also ranks near the top of the world's largest internet companies, venture capital firms, investment corporations and artificial intelligence technology developers.

Alibaba is breath-takingly powerful. It is to companies what Godzilla is to monsters: the undisputed King. If you take all of the online sales and profits of Walmart, Amazon and eBay and add them together, Alibaba’s sales surpass them. And it is only growing bigger.

In 1999, a Chinese entrepreneur named Jack Ma, along with a team of 17 friends, founded Alibaba.com. With the help of US investors, including Yahoo!, Alibaba surged in growth.

Alibaba Group is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company. Holding companies generally do not produce their own goods or services. What they do is buy up the controlling stock shares of smaller companies to take over them, but they allow those companies to retain their own individual brand names, thereby keeping the true ownership of the company unknown to the general public.

A conglomerate is a group of parts that remain distinct entities from one another. So, a multinational conglomerate holding company is a parent company that owns multiple companies from different countries and different industries.

By purchasing the majority stakes in a spectrum of smaller companies, these multinationals enjoy the strength of industry diversification while limiting risk and liability for the owners of the holding companies. As you might imagine, the reduction of liability to the holding company's owners results in them pushing the smaller companies in their portfolios to do whatever it takes to maximize the financial profits to the holding company.

These conglomerates, from the positions of control, will direct the individual companies to piece their efforts together across industries to bring to life Frankenstein monsters such as the Chinese social scoring system. For example, Alibaba’s cross-industry companies collaborate together to make China’s social credit system a living, breathing reality.

Alibaba is very much in bed with the communist government, and whenever government combines with private industry for mutual benefit, you usually end up with something that sounds like a good idea – but that ends up turning against the people and strangling the life out of them.

Here in the United States, we aren’t quite as far along as China when it comes to the implementation of the scoring system. But we are well on our way. So, let’s compare China’s evil conglomerate, Alibaba, to America’s evil conglomerate, Alphabet by looking at the role that Alphabet subsidiaries Google and YouTube play in the beta version of this future American social credit scoring system.

Most Americans are unaware that YouTube is actually owned by Google - which itself is actually owned by a massive US-based holding company - the multinational conglomerate called Alphabet. Let’s look at how this monster was pieced together.

In 1995, an online auction company named eBay was launched. Early on, sellers who accepted payments by credit card had to have merchant accounts that included hefty processing fees. But a solution to the problem was just around the corner.

Meanwhile, a couple of college students in California were working on a research project for school which they nicknamed “Back Rub”. It was a computer algorithm that could be used to perform internet searches. In 1998, the men incorporated a company called Google to market their search engine service. In the beginning, Google’s headquarters was the garage of a friend of the company owners named Susan Wojcicki.

Separately, in 1998, a group of men in Silicon Valley founded a Palm Pilot payment processing company called Confinity. One of those men was Peter Thiel, now one of the richest men in the world. In 1999, Confinity introduced a money transfer service called PayPal. Then, in 2000, Confinity merged with an online banking company founded by Elon Musk called x.com. In 2001, the company changed its name from x.com to PayPal.

And that takes us back to eBay. In the early 2000s, many eBay users were using PayPal to make their auction payments to eBay sellers. At first, eBay tried to get sellers and buyers to use eBay’s own payment processing system, but PayPal remained the preferred processing option for most customers with more than 70% of all purchased being process by PayPal. So, in 2002, eBay purchased PayPal.

[Ahem. You can make a donation to support Jake's reporting using PayPal!]

Three of the men who had helped to build PayPal, teamed up together and launched their own company in 2005. They named it “YouTube”. Co-founder Jawed Karim said that the idea for the video sharing company came about because he had trouble finding video clips on the internet of Janet Jackson's infamous 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction”.

However, the other two co-founders of YouTube said their original inspiration was to create a "hot or not" style online video dating service. Regardless of which version of YouTube’s founding you want to go with, the fact is that YouTube was founded by a group of guys with raging hormones.

YouTube went live in 2005 and was premised on the idea that YOU are the star of the show, not the corporate media. YouTube was to be a place where the average person could make videos about any topic without censorship, of course, with the natural exceptions of anything illegal. Due to its rapid success, just 1 year from its founding, YouTube was purchased from the original owners for $1.65 billion.

Meanwhile, back, Google was growing at a phenomenal rate, due in part to massive investment from billionaire investors, including Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. As Google grew, it introduced new services and developed into a gigantic conglomerate. Among the companies purchased by Google, as previously mentioned, was YouTube.

The CEO of Google was Larry Page. Back in the year 2000, Google had adopted the motto "Don't Be Evil" into its employee code of conduct. But the company quietly dropped that motto 18 years later. Because by 2018, Google had changed. A lot.

Google was no longer a little internet search engine. It had grown into a corporate juggernaut. And, as often happens when small businesses develop into huge corporations, less-financially profitable notions such as ethics and community responsibility were discarded in the unbridled pursuit of maximum profits. For those company employees who once abided by the philosophy “Don’t Be Evil”, feelings of betrayal were ran deep into their souls.

For example, in 2018, 3,100 Google employees added their signatures to a petition by international experts in the field of artificial intelligence to protest Google’s adulterous relationship with the military industrial complex. Specifically, they protested Google's project to weaponize artificial intelligence technology for the U.S. military.

The Google project involved developing an artificial intelligence software to be used by war drones. The drones fly over targets and use Google’s facial recognition software to identify people on the ground, targeting them for assassination. It’s a nightmare straight out of a Terminator movie. If artificial intelligence can target and kill international enemies using Google’s technology today, it can be used to target and kill domestic enemies tomorrow.

It's no wonder that Google felt it couldn't justify hiding behind the "Don't Be Evil" slogan anymore. Today, Google leads the world in privacy invasion, quite literally turning people's personal data into their number one product. That information can be fed into a social credit scoring system in America.

Of course, such a system would be sold to the American people as a great benefit – something that would be a delight to have in our society. There are plenty of Americans calling for such a system, including no less than a current presidential candidate, Andrew Yang.

On his campaign website, Yang pushes for a government-run “digital social credit” (DSC) system to reward Americans for good behavior. Yang proposes:

“As individuals rack up DSCs, they would have both a permanent balance they’ve earned over their lifetime and a current balance. They could cash the points in for experiences, purchases with participating vendors, support for causes, and transfer points to others for special occasions.”

Yang suggests that activities like “fixing a neighbor’s appliance” or “tutoring a student” will give you positive social credit points. He adds that those of us who would not want to participate in such a system are “socially detached”.

Now, I don’t believe that Yang has ill-intentions with his proposal. But I do believe he is incredibly naïve. As history has demonstrated a thousand times over, governments seek to exert power over their citizens any way it can. Certain factions pushed for years for a national ID card for all Americans that will enable or disable citizens participation in activities such as passing through airport TSA checkpoints.

This ID is no longer a thing of fantasy. The Real ID Act has already been passed. As of October 1, 2020, if you don’t have a state issued driver’s license with a special marking on it to indicate that your state has screened and approved you according to federal government guidelines, you can forget boarding a plane in the United States.

The Real ID Act paved the way for further federal encroachments on the rights of citizens. It is not unreasonable to predict a time in the near-future when this federal identification will be expanded to into a scoring system to implement red flag laws to enforce the prohibition of targeted citizens from owning guns and restrictions on other rights.

What other company in America has the means and the reach to make such a monitoring system possible? Certainly, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is a contender based on its unabashed invasion of user’s privacy, but with the fickle preferences of the public and the rising of new generations of young social media users, Facebook could very well soon end up on the trash-heap of history, just as its predecessor – MySpace.

The American conglomerate Alphabet, with its subsidiary Google, is clearly the company with the breadth and depth of infiltration into American society to be able roll out a social credit system. Google is the world’s largest internet search engine. It owns YouTube, which is the world's second largest search engine. Together, they make up 93% of the search engine global market share. The next largest search engine is Bing, with makes up between 2-3% market share.

In 2015, Google's services had grown so vast that the decision was made to reorganize the company's financial interests as a holding company named Alphabet Inc. Google CEO Larry Page became the CEO of Alphabet and Page appointed his sister-in-law, Susan Wojcicki as CEO of YouTube.

By this point, Google had grown into a consummate evil corporate empire. It is heavily invested in artificial intelligence technologies and global satellite mapping that is used by the military industrial complex and other nefarious corporations. These entities consume the public's private data, gathered by Google, to use as psychological warfare against the people.

This is accomplished by taking personal data accumulated through user's search habits captured through applications such as Google documents, chats and Hangouts, geo-location tracking, photos and facial recognition, searches on Google and YouTube and through AI analyzation of YouTube video content and comment tracking.

To control what most people believe, you need only control what information most people have access to. Everyone knows that the sky is blue. However, if hundreds of millions of people search for the answer to what color the sky is and the only search results that come up indicate that the sky is green, then many people will believe that the sky is green. If people search for videos on YouTube about the color of the sky and all videos that confirm that the sky is blue are suppressed, while videos claiming the sky is green are heavily promoted, still more people will begin to believe that the sky is green.

If discussions about the topic of sky color are censored by Google or YouTube algorithms - suppressing, deleting and penalizing those who say the sky is blue, then even the lack of support for the blue-sky position will cause even more people to believe the position that is untrue.

This is not a matter of theory. This is actually what Google and YouTube are doing today on a host of issues. If you want to see this point proven with your own eyes, try this experiment. After the October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, many people, myself included, discussed a range of ideas about the event. There were videos of the shooting survivors themselves offering their perspectives based on first-hand, eye-witness experience. But the US government had a vested reason to suppress content that challenged the official FBI narrative.

For example, one of my videos on the subject outranked on Google and YouTube every corporate media outlet in the world, except for two. My video got millions of views in the first 48 hours after I uploaded it. I had information that the police were searching for a second shooter inside the Mandalay Bay hotel. My position was backed up by multiple eye witnesses inside the hotel and by Las Vegas police body cam footage. My report was absolutely solid.

But YouTube cooperated with federal authorities and deleted my video and placed my YouTube channel on probation. Several major newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today, wrote articles in support of YouTube suppressing my reporting and justifying YouTube's announcement that they were going to "tweak" their algorithm to hide non-corporate media journalism on the topic.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal was so blatantly dishonest, that they faked a quote in support of their own position and attributed it to me, even after I warned the reporter not to do it. After they published the article with the fake quote, I revealed that I had recorded the phone call and had proof that the Journal was fabricating quotes. After I threatened to sue, they issued a retraction – quietly tucking the admission of their lie deep in a subsection of the newspaper.

A big reason that YouTube grew so large was because people had grown disillusioned by the corporate-controlled media that was acting as a mouthpiece for the war industry and the intelligence services like the CIA and Mossad to prime people's minds to support evils like the invasion of Iraq and the oppression of the Palestinian people. But under the control of Larry Page and Susan Wojcicki, YouTube has morphed into a tool of the enemy.

What enemy?

There are different names that we can use: the bankers, the military industrial complex, the intelligence community, the Deep State… these are all just individual tentacles that belong to the same creature – a creature that sustains itself like a vampire sucking out the blood, sweat and money of the common man. We can name other attributes of this creature, for there are many of them: crony capitalism, corporatism, Marxism, communism, Bolshevism, fascism, Zionism.

But these are all just nuanced manifestations of the same core problem – evil. And the individual tentacles are just different appendages of the same malicious beast. That beast, I believe, is Satan. It is his wicked spirit and the malevolent demonic hosts who follow him that are the true powers behind the thrones of mortal men and their evil multinationals that commit so much bloodshed and that inflict so much misery upon the people of the world.

Unfortunately, at this point, Satan and his earthly disciples seem to have the upper hand. They have gained near-total control over tools like YouTube and have turned these relatively neutral tools into weapons against the common man. YouTube is one of the largest sources of information in the world. And, the control of that information is a terrifying power.

Access to information is critical for the preservation of personal liberty. America’s Founding Fathers knew that the reporting of information was so vital to the preservation of freedom, that they enshrined the freedoms of speech and the press in the very first amendment in our Bill of Rights. The free press is the only employment industry singled out for special protection in our founding documents.

If we cannot report and discuss topics of importance to our society, then we will not have the facts upon which to make decisions on how to govern ourselves. We will not be aware of the evil deeds and machinations of our government bureaucrats or the corporations that seek to co-opt the power of our government to use against us in their greed-filled quest to profit off of us every way they can.

If the Founding Fathers were alive today, they would be horrified at the amount of control that these social media companies have over news and information. Google has taken control of the virtual public square, using its traditional search engine as well as its video search engine, YouTube, to determine what information the public is allowed to have access to.

I’ll give you an example, and I encourage you to go look this up for yourself. In the YouTube search box, type in "Las Vegas Shooting" and begin scrolling. Try to note how many hundreds of search results from mainstream, corporate media you'll have to pass before you get to a single video on the topic from someone outside of the corporate media.

I realize that in pointing out this psychological operation against the people, that I’m largely preaching to the choir. Most of you know about this social brainwashing already. But I want to mention an aspect of this mind control that far fewer people realize is taking place.

After the 2016 election, many people responded to this corporate censorship or manipulation by labeling false or misleading stories as "fake news". However, it did not take long for the opposition to recognize the power of the “fake news” movement and to seize upon the power of the #FakeNews social meme. Today, corporations and intelligence organizations (governmental and private) use bots, banks of paid trolls and fake social media stories to attack real news - by labeling it as "fake news".

Unwittingly, many well-intentioned people in social media see the label of "fake news" and, without analyzing the legitimacy of the information, simply jump on the band wagon of persecution. The corporate overlords have succeeded in splintering the truth community and turning it against itself by taking advantage of our mental laziness and tendency toward herd mentality.

Not everything reported by alternative media is true - just as not everything reported by corporate media is untrue. It takes an intelligent mind, capable of unbiased reasoning and discernment, to consume news and be able to sift the truth from the untruth. Unfortunately, our dumbed down society, with its polarized political mindset and stunningly short attention span, seemingly has neither the patience nor the critical thinking skills necessary to judge fact from fiction.

That gives the evil multinational tech companies and their artificial intelligence algorithms an upper hand over society in shaping minds and bending the will of the masses into compliance with their agendas. The power of social manipulation was made clear in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

A billionaire named Robert Mercer poured millions and millions of dollars into trying to get Donald Trump elected president, with the expectation that Trump would pursue an agenda in line with Mercer’s vision for America. Mercer was a major stake holder in a British-based intelligence company called Cambridge Analytica. Analytica gained control of the private data of 87 million Facebook users and used the likes, interests and other personal data of these users to create pro-Trump ads to target people based on their psychological profiles.

Many of these ads were craftily designed to appear as legitimate news stories. People shared these fake stories that promoted Trump that were developed in a way to appeal to the passions of the people. Cambridge Analytica conducted this psychological operation in conjunction with the nefarious groups and individuals, including Blackwater founder Erik Prince – whose sister became President Trump’s Secretary of Education, despite having absolutely no experience in education whatsoever.

Candidate Trump’s deputy campaign chairman, Rick Gates, sought to expand the psychological operation by hiring a private Israeli intelligence company named Psy-Group to work with Cambridge Analytica to create fake social media accounts that would spread the disinformation news stories in an operation called Project Rome.

On August 3, 2016, Donald Trump Jr. met at Trump Tower with Psy-Group CEO Joel Zamel, Blackwater founder Erik Prince and also George Nader, who was being paid to act as an intermediary to the Trump campaign on behalf of intelligence operatives from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – both countries which made heavy use of Prince’s Blackwater mercenaries.

Source: Daily Mail

Even this year, back in April, the Republican controlled Senate Intelligence Committee determined that Trump surrogates Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn had been discussing operations with Psy-Group, Wikistrat, Black Cube and Orbis Business Intelligence – which is especially ironic considering Orbis was founded by Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who prepared the now-infamous Steele Dossier.

My point is that 2016 proved to us, beyond any reasonable doubt, that we are now living in an age of mass disinformation and psychological warfare by private intelligence companies that are working with billionaires, their domestic political puppets and even international governments. And this disinformation and information warfare is being directed at me and you – and the mechanism used to target us is our own social media companies like Google, YouTube and Facebook.

If the reality around us today is that our own social media and information systems have already been weaponized by those powerful special interests against us, then is it that far of a stretch to think that these same powerful special interests will use their political puppets to implement an all-pervasive social credit type system to control us even further?

The framework for control is already there. The historical precedent of government power being exerted upon the masses is already there. The placement of psychopaths in positions of power in our central and Wall Street banks, in our multinational conglomerates and mega-corporations, in our defense establishment and war industries, in our halls of Congress and corridors of power in Washington DC… they are already in place.

The kindling has been gathered into a pile and gas has been poured all over it; and we sit here thinking that nobody is going to come along and drop a match on it. But rather than rally together as one united voice against our true enemies, we, as a society, spend our time caught in the throes of a false left-right paradigm, letting useful idiots like Donald Trump deeply polarize our country – making people think that if you don’t follow Trump spirit, soul and body, with absolute, unequivocal obedience, even if you have been a loyal, life-long conservative Republican, YOU are a traitor to America.

Never mind that Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, along with several other Deep State operatives who worked for Trump, were sent to prison for their crimes.

Look the other way and pay no attention to the fact that Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, Roy Cohn, was a Jewish mobster – or that his next personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, is today sitting in prison for committing crimes on behalf of Trump – or that Trump’s current personal lawyer and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, is under federal investigation for working as an unregistered foreign agent with deep financial ties to Ukrainian mobsters and incredibly evil Jewish oligarchs. No. Put your attention on Nancy Pelosi. On Adam Schiff. On the whistleblower. On Robert Mueller. On Mitt Romney. On any Republican who dares to suggest that the Chosen One has done anything wrong whatsoever.

That’s right. Remain entrenched in that cult of influence. Pay no attention to the fact that right now, as we speak, foreign intelligence and private companies are fast at work, using fake news stories, bots, paid trolls and pretend social media profiles, to manipulate your mind and your vote again in 2020.

If getting the Republican party to vote into power a lifelong liberal, New York Democrat who openly supported late-term abortion, gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, and gun control - who took a $300,000 gift from George Soros, who was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschild Bank, who called for interventionist foreign wars to steal their oil, who told a Christian conference that he has never done anything wrong that requires forgiveness from God, and who lavished the Clintons with praise and campaign donations and never got around to locking Hillary up…

...if getting the Republican party to think that a man who is obviously an agnostic Democrat isn’t the result of a massive psychological operation against the American people, then I don’t know what is.

The canary in the coal mine is long dead. And yet we act, as a nation, like nothing bad is going on. We ignore reports from news sources like the Washington Post which recently reported on the Trump administration’s ongoing research into a social credit type scoring system to determine who gets to own a gun – a project that would be run by a newly created Health Advanced Research Projects Agency (HARPA) which would be modeled after the Pentagon’s evil DARPA, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The Trump administration is considering the creation of HARPA to gather data on Americans that would help the government agency to detect “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act”. The data that would be used includes medical records, Amazon purchases and your internet searches. President Trump is intrigued by the program, seeing the system as a potential way to placate gun control activists while not overtly engaging in gun grabbing.

After a mass shooting some months ago, President Trump said, “We’re looking at the whole gun situation. I do want people to remember the words ‘mental illness’. These people are mentally ill… I think we have to start building [mental] institutions again because, you know… so many of these institutions were closed.”

White House officials have indicated that every time the HARPA system has been discussed with Trump, “it’s been very well-received.” Ivanka Trump has been a “champion” of the HARPA proposal, and, as we know from Trump’s cruise missile strikes on Syria, his daughter holds great influence over the president’s decisions.

Undoubtedly, some of you chafe at the mention of the Washington Post as a source, considering it to be too far left on the political spectrum. “Fake News”, and all that. But there are many more sources across the spectrum of news outlets that confirm this information about President Trump’s interest in this gun control mental health credit system. If the Post is too far left, then let’s go as far right as we can – to Alex Jones’ Info Wars.

Back in September, Paul Joseph Watson wrote, “The Trump administration is considering launching a social credit score-style system in coordination with Big Tech that would use spy data collected from Amazon, Google and Apple devices to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun.”

Watson continued,

“The full scope of the program is chilling and would provide Big Tech with an easy excuse to formally impose the total neuro-surveillance of citizens via their smart phone and home assistant devices… One wonders if Trump has any idea of the slippery slope this would entail, or whether he was sold on the idea because Ivanka cried.”

I understand that, in this ultra-polarized, cult-like age in which we live, some people cannot process any information that even hints at criticism of Donald Trump. My message, therefore, is directed at those of you who do have minds capable of reason. With the Real ID card already a reality, and the push in the Trump administration toward a Big Tech social scoring system to determine if a person is allowed to enjoy certain, inalienable rights, we have every reason to feel alarmed. This is not some imaginary boogeyman. This creature is already alive and well in China. Its offspring is quickly growing in the womb of America and we are starting to feel the pangs of labor.

Do we have the resolve as a people to withstand the psychological manipulation of the New World Order through our social media – that sinister urge to hate our neighbors and divide against each other over foolish things like differences of political opinion? The state of our nation is frightening. The anger and self-righteousness that plagues the vast social media community may only be a portent of that which is to come. Until we can learn to restrain our own tongues and bridle our own passions, we cannot help others through our potentially positive examples.

So, let the change begin with me – with you. With us. Because, if we want to muster the national strength necessary to resist and defeat the implementation of a tyrannical social credit system here in the United States, we must stand together in solidarity, setting aside petty conflicts to unite in a common defense of our people.

That is my prayer for America. United we stand. Divided we fall.

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