Far Right Ukrainians Torment Civilians

Hundreds of civilians are being captured, taped to poles & beaten by far right nationalists, including C14 gang members, in Ukraine. The "crimes" of these victims include: not going off to fight in the war, looting stores for food or other items, speaking Russian, looking like a Russian, being Roma, etc. The abuse isn't limited to men or adults. Women and children are also abused. These clips are from March 2022.

While I can understand the sentiment of wanting to bring "looters" to justice, this abuse is not about justice. It is sadistic torture by extremists who have been patrolling the streets beating people since 2014. While some of the victims in this video participated in looting stores in war-torn areas, most of the victims were targeted for ethnic and racial reasons.

WARNING: Contains Violence & Partial Nudity

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