Flynn Worked for Israel to Influence Russia

Tonight the Mueller probe has revealed that before being sworn into office, Trump's National Security Adviser Michael Flynn worked around the authority of Obama administration on behalf of Israel.

While Obama was still in the White House, a vote was scheduled to come before the United Nations to condemn ongoing illegal Israeli settlements. Obama ordered his UN ambassador to abstain from voting and not veto the resolution to condemn Israel.

However, senior Israeli officials contacted the Trump transition team, which did not yet have any constitutional authority to negotiate on behalf of the US government, and asked the Trump team. Because of the Trump team's comfortable relationship with Russia, Israel asked for Trump's team to reach out to the Russians and ask them to veto the anti-settlement resolution.

Trump's designee for National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, was given the job of contacting the Russian ambassador to ask him to veto the resolution. Flynn was then visited by the FBI and lied to them when asked about having contact with Russian officials. Caught in the lie, Trump was forced to fire Flynn just weeks into his presidency.


Mueller Filing


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