Photos From Passover 2017-2018

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Growing up in Miami in a political family, I was frequently "dragged" along to various fundraisers, rallies, and other political events. Among the annual activities was attending the Jewish Passover (Seder) with one family or another. I never cared for the Passover as a child, but as an adult who has taught Old Testament courses several years, I have learned to appreciate the rich symbolism of the Passover. Being a Christian, I especially like how it points toward Jesus as the ultimate Sacrifice.

With minor variation to the Passover service, I have made it a tradition in my house to hold a Passover feast each year. Some years we celebrate the event just with our children at home and at other years we host Passover services for other interested families who join us for the feast. Below are a few photos from this year's Passover.

And the photos below are from Passover 2017...

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