President Zelensky Rebuked by Azov Soldiers

President Zelensky Rebuked by Azov Soldiers

By Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

April 2, 2022

This is the full 2019 exchange between President Zelensky and Azov member Denys Yantar.

Zelensky was elected in 2019 largely on his promise to end the bloody war in Donbass. When he announced a slight pull back of troops, Ukraine’s nationalist military forces began to mutiny.

Zelensky traveled to Zolote in Lugansk Oblast to speak to these troops directly. Yantar was among the soldiers who criticized Zelensky for "capitulating". When Zelensky was told by a couple of local village women that the irregular forces were hiding weapons, Zelensky had words with Yantar.

The argument escalated. At one point, Zelensky reminded Yantar that he was the president and was not a loser.

After this exchange, more nationalists and Nazis - including a few members of the Ukrainian parliament - promised that if Zelensky tried to withdraw troops, they would put out a call to bring in thousands of new fighters from around the country to replace them.

Around this time, Zelensky was also threatened with death by several of the extremists and their leaders.

In time, Zelensky backed off from trying to end the war and capitulated to the extremist's agenda. This ruined his reputation nationally and his approval rating dropped as low as 17%. It remained extremely low until the month that Russia invaded.

Many people say that since there are a lot of Nazis elected to the parliament and because Ukraine has a Jewish president that the country isn't controlled by extremists. But that is simply untrue. Despite being the minority, these ultranationalists and fascists exert a strong influence on national politics and defense because they are extremists - willing to use violence to impose their will on the majority.

This is exactly what happened in Germany. The Nazis were a despised minority in society - until they weren't. Whether we are talking about the fascist Nazis or the Marxist Bolsheviks, we must remember that small numbers of extremists can quickly seize power and subjugate the majority.

The rise of fascism in Ukraine parallels the rise of fascism in Germany.

If Ukraine's president cannot control his own troops or end a war, then the people who love Ukraine should shudder with fear over the power of these nationalists and Nazis. They should realize that these extremists pose a significant, long-term threat to the peace, security and happiness of Ukrainian citizens – to say nothing of the potential for regional destabilization and world war. Instead, foreigners embrace the extremists and deflect criticism from them. In their zeal to defend Ukraine over the Russian invasion, they turn blind eyes to the very threat that Russia has been warning about for years.

Mature minds should be able to simultaneously speak out against Russian warfare AND the internal threats of fascism and ultranationalist within Ukraine. To deny either problem is a grave disservice to the people of Ukraine.

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