Roger Stone Indicted on 7 Counts

Former Nixon strategist and adviser to candidate Donald Trump, Roger Stone, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on 7 counts related to obstruction, giving false statements and witness tampering.

The charges revolve around accusations that Stone and other members of Trump's inner circle exploited leaked DNC emails, allegedly hacked by Russian intelligence officers, to help Trump win the US presidential election.

The 24 page indictment, does not, however, allege that Stone conspired with Wikileaks or Russia in the hacking of the emails. Nor does it indicate that Stone is believed to have had advance knowledge of the hacking that could have indicated a coordinated conspiracy with Russia to influence the presidential election.

What the indictment does allege is that Stone lied to Congress to obstruct the investigation of the US House Intelligence Committee and also engaged in witness tampering by encouraging another party to not cooperate with federal and congressional investigators.

If convicted, Stone could spend at least 10 years in prison - an outcome that prosecutors hope will influence Stone to cooperate against President Trump to earn a reduced prison sentence.

Stone is the 6th adviser to Donald Trump (and 34th person overall) to be charged by Mueller in the #RussiaGate probe.

Read the full indictment document here: Stone Indictment

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