The Hypocrisy of Zelensky's UN Address - Part 1

The Hypocrisy of Zelensky's UN Address - Part 1

By Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

April 5, 2022

On April 5th, 2022, Ukrainian president Zelensky presented to the United Nations his reasons that the body should impose significant penalties on the Russian state, including kicking Russia off the UN Security Council and eliminating Russia's veto power.

Among President Zelensky's arguments was his assertion that Russian forces killed anyone who served Ukraine. What Zelensky did not mention was the widespread, systemic torture and murder of Russian POWs by the Ukrainian military.

The purpose of this video is not to justify or dismiss crimes committed by Russian forces. It is intended to demonstrate that Zelensky is demanding that the United Nations levy heavy punishments on Russia for crimes that Ukraine itself is guilty of committing. If the United Nations punishes Russia for a crime, then the organization must apply equal punishment to other parties guilty of committing that same crime.

WARNING: This video contains graphic and disturbing content.

UPDATE - Despite this video content being marked as graphic, an anonymous user who chose to watch it anyway took offence and has sought to prevent everyone else from accessing it as well.

According to the video host's terms of service, "abhorrent violence" is permitted to be shown under certain conditions, if the material is marked by the uploader as "NSFL". The website states: "Material that contains graphic content, which should be viewed with discretion, must be marked as Not Safe For Life (NSFL) by the content creator prior to publishing."

It further states: "We acknowledge that showing and/or referencing instances of the following activities may be necessary to hold the perpetrators to account. If this your objective then you must clearly state this within the content, be respectful to victims and ensure that your content cannot be exploited to endorse, empower or otherwise promote individuals, organizations or any other entity engaging in such activities... Abhorrent Violence - Defined as real-life non-consensual acts of kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, mutilation, rape or torture."

Blackstone Intelligence clearly stated in the video description that the purpose of the video content was to hold the perpetrators of the violence to account. In the context of Ukrainian president Zelensky demanding punishment against Russia for crimes against Ukrainian soldiers, he presented graphic media content to the leaders present at the United Nations. This material has been widely dispersed throughout western media.

The Blackstone video showed clips of Ukrainian soldiers committing torture and murder of Russian prisoners of war. The video description called for equal justice for all perpetrators of war crimes, regardless of national origin.

As US taxpayers are being made to fund billions of dollars worth of lethal weapons to the Ukrainian military, the public has a right to informed consent. The public has the right to know how those weapons are being used. If tax payers knew that their own property, in the form of tax dollars, is being used to pay for atrocities, then many citizens would begin making firm objections to the US government and its weapon distribution to Nazis.

And that is exactly why the US government has waged a heavy campaign of censorship against US citizens - cutting off citizens' access to Russian media sources and silencing voices of balance and moderation in social media. The US government cannot commit or support war effectively if the citizenry has access to information that conflicts with the government's war propaganda.

As the decision by Bitchute to ignore its own terms of service to censor alternate viewpoints has a chilling effect on freedom of the press, Blackstone Intelligence has filed an appeal to reinstate the video.

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