Ukrainian Extremists Pose Dire Threat

Ukrainian Extremists Pose Dire Threat

By Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

April 5th, 2022

On April 5th, 2022, the Washington Post (WaPo) published an article entitled, "Right-wing Azov Battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine"; the subtext reads, "Militia with far-right views says it welcomes all volunteers, regardless of ideology, in the fight against Russia".

WaPo interviewed the Azov force's co-founder and top commander, an ultranationalist named Col. Andriy Biletsky. Known to his adoring followers as "Bely Vozd", or the "White Ruler", Biletsky insisted that he doesn't harbor any white-supremacist views.

Yet, in 2010, Biletsky was quoted by multiple news outlets as having explained that the purpose of the Ukrainian state is to "lead the white races of the world in a final crusade against Semite-led Untermenschen". Untermenschen is a Nazi term for sub-humans and inferior, non-Aryan races.

Andriy Biletsky, founder of Azov, speaking to Azov forces in Kiev, April 2022

Despite the evidence of his extremist views, Biletsky gaslights interviewers. He tells them that all such quotes are fabrications and are merely "Russian propaganda". "I'm not a Nazi. We [Azov] completely reject it."

Hundreds of online photos & videos depict Azov Nazi forces promoting Nazism

While it is true that not all Azov regiment forces are hardcore neo-Nazis, almost all ascribe to one form of extremist ideology or another.

“There are clearly neo-Nazis within its ranks,” said Michael Colborne, author of “From the Fires of War: Ukraine’s Azov Movement and the Global Far Right.”

Colborne says that the Azov forces are "hostile" to liberal democracy "at its core." "It’s hostile to every everything that comes with liberal democracy, minority rights, voting rights, things like that.”

During the CIA-backed coup of 2014, Biletsky created Azov from groups of ultranationalist extremists, including one of the other groups he led - Patriot of Ukraine. Along with the Social National Assembly, another extremist group, Patriot of Ukraine carried out violent and sometimes murderous attacks on Ukrainian minority groups, including the Roma.

After the coup successfully overthrew the elected government, the US State Department coordinated the creation of a new parliament (Rada). A wave of extremist group leaders suddenly found themselves removed from the fringes and transformed into government officials, military leaders and parliament members.

Biletsky himself was a member of the Ukrainian Rada from 2014-2019, though he seldom showed up to vote on any matter that didn't serve his extremist agenda.

In 2016, Ukrainian oligarchs bankrolled Biletsky's newest project, the National Corps Party, consisting primarily of Azov extremists who had fought in the Donbass war. These Azov fighters were praised by then-president Poroshenko who referred to them as Ukraine's "best warriors".

There is no escaping the fact, however, that Azov fighters are inseparably linked with Nazism and fascist ultranationalism. In 2015, USA Today called Azov "a volunteer brigade with self-proclaimed Nazis".

The paper cited reports of Azov fighters carrying out acts of abuse against Donbass civilians. It quoted an Azov drill sergeant who admitted that he was a Nazi and that "half his comrades are fellow Nazis".

The Nazi said that he and his fellow fascists had a larger goal beyond regaining the territory of Donbass. After they succeeded, he said, their next goal was to take over the government in Kiev to rule the country as they saw fit.

It is this larger goal of national conquest that should be of deep concern to the public. The extremist elements within Ukraine do not constitute the majority of citizens. Yet, their zealotry has empowered their minority to accomplish significant things, including the 2014 overthrow of the government. Those who ignore the dire threat of Ukrainian extremists do so at their own peril.

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