Ukrainian Military Ordered to Kill Civilians

Ukrainian Defectors Reveal Orders to Kill Civilians

By Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

April 15, 2022

Fighters from the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) have taken control of Rubiz (Rue-biz-nya). Yesterday, as LPR forces advanced, 6 members of the Ukrainian National Guard (UNG) approached without weapons and asked to surrender. One of the men had been shot in the leg and received immediate medical attention. These soldiers confirmed widespread accounts of Ukrainian forces targeting and murdering civilians suspected to be ethnic Russians or who have Russian sympathies.

Flanked by his fellow soldiers, one of the men explained that Ukrainian commanders gave their forces standing orders to “shoot anyone who moved, regardless of whether they were a civilian or not”.

“I witnessed hell when we came to Rubizhne,” said another soldier with the Ukrainian National Guard. He said that fighters from the Ukrainian neo-Nazi battalion Right Sector [Pravy Sektor] brought a group of 20 civilian prisoners wearing white armbands, both men and women, and ordered them down into a pit inside of a garage.

The National Guard was commanded to shoot the unarmed civilians. When some of the soldiers asked why it was necessary to kill them, the Ukrainian nationalists replied that it was vengeance for alleged Russian actions in Bucha.

At least 8 of the Ukrainian National Guard soldiers refused to carry out the order. The Right Sector nationalists disarmed them and forced them down into the pit as well, stationing guards to prevent them from escaping. The soldiers were unsure how many days they were held captive in the pit by the Right Sector nationalists.

One night, the neo-Nazis celebrated and became intoxicated. The prisoners used the opportunity to try to escape. Eight of the soldiers disarmed the guards and ran toward the zone that was under the control of LPR forces. The nationalist fighters opened fire on them, killing two soldiers. A third soldier was shot in the leg, but was assisted to safety by the other escapees.

They found LPR soldiers and asked to surrender. After medical attention was given to the Ukrainian defectors, they were interviewed on camera. “It’s very scary. It’s scary what happens here,” said one of the men. “People are buried in yards. [Civilian] houses are bombed. There isn’t much left of Rubizhne.”

These are not actors and they are not under duress. These are real Ukrainian military defectors who are horrified by the war crimes being committed by their fellow soldiers.

Despite countless other stories of Ukrainian war crimes against civilians and the terrorism of Ukrainian Nazis and nationalists, you will not hear a word of confirmation or condemnation from the West. On the contrary, you will find that western media and Big Tech collude with the US government to punish journalists and whistle-blowers who try to warn the public of these evil acts of terror.

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