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UPDATE 11:00 PM EST: It is now dawn in Syria. The odds of an attack go down until it is dark again, which will be approximately 13 hours from now.

UPDATE 10:30 PM est: Former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, tells the BBC that the Douma chemical attack was staged (which is the position of Russia and Syria) and that this staged event is being used as propaganda to justify military action.

UPDATE 8:35 PM EST: #Italian KC-767 aerial refueling aircraft now entering #Jordan from #Saudi Arabian airspace. This aircraft provides logistics for jet fighters which are expected to launch cruise missiles at Syria.

UPDATE 8:30 PM EST: Syrian and Iranian military are leaving Deir Ez Zor Airbase in anticipation of US air strikes.

UPDATE 8:25 PM EST: I'm seeing a lot of movement of US and British military jets in the region, moving to bases in Jordan.

UPDATE 8:15 PM EST: An Israeli security cabinet meeting has been called to discuss the possible Iranian retaliation for Israel's slaughter of 7 Iranians in Syria this week. Israel's northern border has been put on high alert.

UPDATE 8:05 PM EST: According to Israeli Channel 10 news, Prime Minister Netanyahu just revealed during a security meeting that the USA is going to strike the "Syrian regime".

UPDATE 7:45 PM EST:: Russia is moving its military helicopters from the Syrian T-4 and Dumeyir airbases in anticipation of a US coalition attack. The last time Russia moved off a Syrian airbase like this was last April when it was given 2 hours notice that a US tomahawk cruise missile strike was imminent.

BREAKING NEWS - Blackstone sources say US-led coalition air force jets are streaking over the border of #Iraq into #Syria. All civilian air traffic in Syria has been halted in anticipation of imminent coalition strikes by #USA, #UK, #France and allies. This current flyover may be to test Syrian/Russian air defenses and may not be the official strike. But Eurocontrol for Eastern Mediterranean area has put out an alert that airstrikes will take place within the next 72 hours.

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