Why YOU Need to Take a Stand Against Zionism

Why You Need to Take a Stand Against Zionism

Jake Morphonios

Blackstone Intelligence

November 26, 2019

Since its birth in 1948, the terrorist state of Israel has waged a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. The Palestinians are the native inhabitants of the Holy Land. But in the late 1800s, an initiative was launched, backed by the Rothschild banking cartel, to steal the lands from the native Palestinians to use as an outpost of the Rothschild cartel from which to operate in the Middle East.

Using a Jewish atheist from Budapest, Hungary named Theodore Herzl as their front man, the Rothschild network organized a political movement with the aim of conquering the Holy Land for their own purposes. This political movement, opposed from its inception by orthodox Jews, was called Zionism.

Initially, the Zionists tried to purchase land from the Palestinians. But by the time of Israel's founding, despite vast numbers of recent Jewish immigrants flooding in from Europe, only 5% of the Holy Land was legally owned by the Jewish colonialists.

Seeing that legal means would not suffice, the Zionists turned to illegal means to take the land. With backing from the Rothschild banking network and their western military industrial complex, the Zionist terrorists launched a bloody war against the largely unarmed Palestinian people. Within only a few months, the Zionist terrorists had attacked over 500 Palestinian villages, killing many civilians and forcing the rest to flee for their lives.

The Zionists then took control of the Palestinian homes and lands for themselves. Ever since, Palestinians have been demanding the right to return to their homes and the right to form a political state of their own. The Zionist colonizers, with the full-backing of the British and American governments, have made this dream of the Palestinians a futile hope.

And so, Palestinians have tried every peaceful means available to an oppressed people over the decades. They have marched. They have protested. They have appealed for help to the international community. But today, they are worse off than ever in their history.

As the US Founding Fathers taught us, a peaceful people have the right and the duty to rise up and throw off an oppressive power that seeks to take away their God-given rights. During the Second Intifada, or uprising, some Palestinians felt that since their efforts at peaceful resistance did not improve their conditions that a violent resistance was their only path.

But after 2005, the Palestinians returned again to peaceful resistance. But week after week, the terrorist Israeli Defense Forces have shot peaceful protesters - murdering hundreds of people, including children, and maiming thousands. Undoubtedly, the Palestinian people must be feeling that their peaceful resistance is not bearing fruit. How much longer will they endure brutal ethnic cleansing before the more extreme elements return to a campaign of violence against their Jewish oppressors?

How long did America's founding generation try peaceful means before THEY took up arms against their oppressors?

I do not advocate violence. I hope with all of my heart that the Palestinian people do not return to a path of violence. However, I cannot judge them considering the inhuman conditions under which they live. Studies have shown that 98.5% of Palestinian in Gaza suffer from some degree of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

How can the civilized world stand by and do nothing while children are terrorized by a vicious apartheid state?

How long will the people of the west allow the Zionist lobby to usurp control over their own governments and bend their own politicians to the will of the terrorist state?

If the people of conscience around the world stand by and do nothing as these Satanic acts of evil are perpetrated against the innocent Palestinian people, then we leave the Palestinians to fight the Zionists all by themselves. WE, the rest of the "civilized" world, will be complicit in the atrocities against the Palestinians by our silence and we will have no right to criticize them if the Palestinians feel, in their state of hopelessness, that returning to violent resistance is their only option.

Those of us who care about peace must stand with the Palestinian people. We must speak out against the atrocities of the Zionists who oppress them through an illegal military occupation that enables rampant land theft and illegal settlement building. Now is the time for us to stand up and be counted. Rise and fight for what is right. Speak out frequently and firmly against Zionist Israel and the wicked politicians around the world who are co-conspirators in Israel's war crimes.

Take a peaceful stand against Israel now, while peace is still an option. Remember, what is being done to the Palestinian people today is a harbinger of what the Zionists will do to the rest of us if we allow their power to remain unchecked.

Rise up and fight back, while you still can.

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